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Benefits for all.

Bird’s nest is a delicacy in the form of nests constructed by
the salivary secretions of swiftlets. Recent scientific research
has shown that bird’s nest is rich in antioxidants, collagen,
and amino acids. Its nutrients are easily digested and
absorbed, making it suitable for everybody.

  • For women, maintain youthfulness, promote rejuvenation,
    and improve complexion.
  • For expecting mothers, strengthen the health of mothers
    and foetus, and help in post-natal recovery.
  • For men, improve kidney, strengthen lungs,
    and enhance respiratory functions.
  • For children, improve digestion, promote growth,
    and enhance immune system.
  • For the elderly, strengthen lungs and kidneys,
    improve spleen, clear phlegm as well as enhance appetite.

Our Products

  • Queen's Premium Bird's Nest Product Picture

    Queen's Premium

    Queen’s Premium is the finest white nest in a perfect cres­cent shape. With a smooth sur­face, Queen’s Premium has the longest strands and least imp­urities. It is an ideal gift for a luxurious treat and to impress your loved ones.

  • Queen's Superior Bird's Nest Product Picture

    Queen's Superior

    Often regarded as the best value for money, Queen’s Superior offers you quality white nests with a smooth, curved shape. Queen’s Superior comes with long strands and minimal im­purities, making it a wonder­ful choice for thoughtful gifts.

  • Queen's Classic Bird's Nest Product Picture

    Queen's Classic

    Triangular in shape, Queen’s Classic is the most economical choice for white nests. Des­pite its slightly shorter strands and moderate amount of impurities, Queen’s Classic retains similar nutritional properties as other bird's nests, making it perfect for daily consumption and home recipes.

  • Queen's Golden Bird's Nest Product Picture

    Queen's Golden

    Known for its rarity, the gold nest from Queen’s has a natu­ral golden color. Rich in min­erals, Queen’s Golden is par­ticularly good for expecting mothers during their preg­nancy, helping them with faster post-birth recoveries.

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