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Privacy Policy

  1. Queen’s Bird’s Nest respects the privacy of every individual who visits our websites. This Privacy Policy outlines the information Queen’s Bird’s Nest may collect and how we may use that information.
  2. 1. Personal Data

    The personal data we have collected and will collect from this website will be used in the following ways, unless stated otherwise:

    • we may store and process that information to better understand your needs and how we can improve our products and services;
    • we (or a fulfillment house or other third party on our behalf in connection with a promotion) may use that information to contact you;
    • and/or we may provide other third parties with aggregate - but not individual - information about visitors to or users of our sites.
    We do not now and do not intend to sell, rent or market personal data about you to third parties.

  3. 2. Information Placed Automatically on Your Computer

    Our website does not use cookies to store any personal data. Depending on your browser settings, your browser may automatically store information about your activities on our website. Queen's Bird's Nest have no access to such information.