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est. 1987

Queen’s Bird’s Nest is imported
by Contact Trading, established
since 1987. We pride ourselves
on credibility, striving to please
every single customer.


Queen’s Bird’s Nest goes through
strict testing by the Agri-Food &
Veterinary Authority of Singapore
to bring you only the very best of
our products.

quality assurance by queen's singapore

At The
Right Price

We sell directly to you.
This means all intermediary costs
are avoided so you can buy our
premium bird’s nest at an
affordable price.

at the right price


Natural and pure bird’s nest from
Kalimantan, Indonesia. Only the
best are chosen and processed
manually with the highest hygiene
standards. No chemicals are used.

quality assurance

To Prepare

All you need is a slow cooker
or double boiler for preparation.
Add rock sugar, red dates, ginseng
or pandan leaves depending on your
taste preference. Best served chilled.

easy to prepare


Once prepared, Queen’s Bird’s
Nest can be refrigerated and then
stored for up to one week. Seal
completely into small bottles for
daily servings.

store up to 1 week
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